Photos That Will Trick Your Brain At First Glance

We all know that when it comes to photos, there is often more than meets the eye. Sometimes images aren’t always as them seem for many reasons. Photo manipulation is extremely common these days but we love the kinds of photos where they are strange simply due to perfect timing! Here we have some interesting photos that will trick your brain at first glance. Perspective, lighting and angles can do wonders! Take a look!

Photos That Will Trick Your Brain At First Glance

Are swimsuits the usual attire for bartenders?

Apparently if you stay in the water for too long, your feet can swell really badly! 

As time has gone on, centaurs seem to be getting better at cooking. 

Thirsty? Too bad. Here’s a cup full of cup instead. 

Turn that frown upside down… oh wait.

This girl has some serious strength to be carrying that tree…

These lamp designs could double up as crash helmets during emergencies. 

Relax people! It’s not what it looks like… 

This person has one hell of a long midsection! 

This guy seems to have some very long legs at first glace! 

Aww, doesn’t that man look lovely in his wedding dress?

This person seems to be missing a head…

Shadows can be very misleading…

This girl rocks the 4 legged look!