These Beautiful Fusion Pool Tables Convert Into Stylish Dining Tables

In this modern age, it’s all about saving space and having multi-functional equipment that can perform more than what it’s intended for. And if you’re looking for a dining table that offers more than just a surface for eating, these Fusion Pool Tables are definitely your thing. From the name itself, this avant-garde furniture is a dining table that can be converted into a pool table. Perfect for those who love to play a game of billiards. And even those who are not the biggest fan of billiards and only want to keep their guests entertained.

Designed by the best billiards products manufacturer in the world, the table features an elegant yet uncomplicated design. Each table has patented easy-lift system that allows you to raise the table for pool and lower it for dining. With just a simple click, you can easily adjust the legs to elevate or lower the table. Its auto-lock auto-level feature assures that the table remains in perfect level with maximum stability and steadiness. Simply remove the wooden slabs on the surface of the dining table to reveal the billiard table underneath.

multi-purpose dining table grey

The Fusion Pool Tables have patent-pending pockets using hi-tech nylon cloth that stretches out when the pockets collect balls. If you want to convert it into a dining table, simply place the three wooden slabs over the billiard table. Place the balls inside the pockets and place the cue sticks and the triangle rack flat on the surface before putting the wooden slabs over it. The pool accessories will fit beneath the wooden slabs without anyone noticing they’re hidden there. Furthermore, it has a protective sheet below the wooden slabs to protect the billiard table surface from spillages.


This multi-purpose table is a kitchen table and a billiard table in one

multi-purpose dining table


It has removable wooden slabs (table top) to reveal a pool table underneath

multi-purpose table wooden slabs


fusion pool tables

This contemporary multi-purpose table features a sleek design that complements any home design. It comes in a wide variety of styles ranging from vintage and modern, in vintage wood or stainless steel. You can also choose from a wide range of colors – white, grey, black, veneered wood and many more. The manufacturer also accepts customization so you can choose your preferred colors for the cloth and table top. You can also opt to add matching chairs, benches and stools that are designed to be stored under the pool tables when not in use.

fusion pool tables dining tables


people playing billiard


fusion pool tables black frame


kitchen tables pool tables


fusion pool tables wood


dining table doubles as billiard table

The tables measure 90.5 inches long, 52.75 inches wide and 29.5 inches tall and can seat 10 people comfortably. A dining table and a billiard table in one stylish furniture, it is indeed the best example of beauty in simplicity. One happy customer wrote:

“The best thing about this table is, when it’s set up as a pool table, nobody would ever guess this can double as a dining room table. When it’s set up as a dining room table, nobody would guess that a pool table is hiding underneath. The system to elevate and lower the table is ingenious and close to effortless. Love this table.”

contemporary furniture multi-function


fusion pool tables removable table top


dining table and billiard table in one


fusion pool tables stainless steel


fusion pool tables veneered wood

The ingenious dining table and pool table combo is available here.


Watch the Fusion Pool Table in action on the video below

Source: Amazon | Games Room Company