Kellogg’s Is Releasing Apple Jacks Caramel Cereal For An Even Sweeter Breakfast

Kellogg’s has just announced a game-changing new cereal that’s going to have us all looking forward to our morning bowls. This new announcement may come as a total surprise for you, because Kellogg’s Apple Jacks has earned a reputation for being the least innovative cereal in the Kellogg’s roster. They did, however, try to jazz things up a bit by adding cereal marshmallows to the mix. But that’s hardly enough to satisfy our ever-demanding palates. Fortunately, the upcoming Apple Jacks Caramel Cereal will finally break the brand’s ‘bland flavor range’ reputation for good.

There are about a hundred different ways to enjoy apples. We can eat them raw, bake them in a pie or dip them in decadent caramel. Apple-flavored cereals are pretty rare. But seeing as Apple Jacks has managed to stay in the game for so long, it’s safe to say that their fruity flavor has won some loyalty. We don’t know what’s taken Apple Jacks so long to come up with this new variety, but we’re definitely happy about it.


Apple Jacks Cinnamon Cereal reportedly packs a classic fall flavor we all know and love

The original Apple Jacks comes in a green box and spills out crunchy green and orange rings into your bowl. And each ring contains apple and cinnamon flavors, which, in my opinion, are a perfect flavor combo. In comparison with the classic Apple Jacks, the upcoming caramel cereal will come in red and orange loops. Then, they switched the cinnamon in favor of caramel this time around. Essentially, the new cereal is Kellogg’s interpretation of a well-loved fall treat: the candy apple.

Several Instagram snack sleuths like @candyhunting, @snackgator, @cereallife, and  @threesnacketeers have already caught wind of this tasty new breakfast treat. And according to the Kellogg’s PR rep, the Apple Jacks Caramel will be hitting shelves sometime around June 2020. It’ll be available nationwide, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to grab a box for yourself.

We may have a couple more months to wait until we can pour this cereal in our bowls, but we’re more than willing to wait. Are you looking forward to this new Apple Jacks offering as much as we are?