You Can Now Get Heated Mouse Mats To Keep Your Hands Nice And Toasty At Work

Are you looking for a way to keep your hands warm in winter while having the freedom to work with your computer? These heated mouse mats might be the thing for you. Getting chilly hands in the winter can really get in the way of your work. There are several products that could keep your hands warm, with different designs and heating features. For example, there are giant mittens with super thick fur to keep your hands toasty all the time.

However, you won’t be able to freely move your fingers with these full-coverage mittens on your hands. The heated mittens with half-finger design can fix this problem as these allow you to use your hands to do your usual things. However, some people might feel it a bit uncomfortable to wear something on their hands while typing on the keyboard or moving the mouse.

heated mousemats with wrist rest

These heated mouse mats will let you use your computer without causing any inconvenience to your hands. More importantly, it will keep them toasty while at work. Finally, a perfect solution to protect your hands from the chilly temperature in the office. It has a built-in heating pad that heats up when connected to any standard USB port. Simply connect the included USB cable to your PC, put the mouse into it, and you’re all set. Its cave-like design helps insulate the heat inside so you can warm your hand all the time.

heated mousemats removable heating pad


heated mousemats usb cable


heated mousemats

Furthermore, the built-in heating pad is removable. So you can opt to use it as regular mouse pad or as a hand warmer. Additionally, it features a padded wrist rest to support your wrist when using the computer mouse. Its fluffy, lovely design is also a huge plus as it makes it a beautiful addition to your desk. Get the heated mouse mats here and choose from a wide variety of colors – beige, white, coffee, dark green, grey, lavender, and pink. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Brilliant product. My hand was toasty warm without having to use the heat pad. Sitting under an air con vent, the cold air blows continually down on my hand. Using the USB heated mousemat has solved my freezing hand problem. Thank you.”

usb powered mouse pad warmer grey


usb powered mouse pad warmer dark green


usb powered mouse pad warmer coffee


heated mousemats white


heated mousemats beige


heated mousemats lavender


heated mousemats pink


usb heated mousemats

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