11 Adorable $0 Dog Costumes That Will Make You Smile


As long as your dog’s happy, dressing up your four-legged friend can be fun… not to mention cute! But buying lots of different outfits for your dog could end up costing a good chunk of money. If you’re more of a frugal person, take a leaf out of the book of Japanese dog owner Semba, who creates $0 cardboard cutout costumes for her pooch. However, what’s even more impressive than the costumes is that Semba’s dog, Chihuahua-mametaro, stays perfectly still for these photos to be taken. What a good pup! So, here are eleven adorable $0 dog costumes that will make you smile. Take a look!



The kraken awakes!


Paging Doctor Doggo.


Dressing your dog up as another dog is hella meta.


You can’t go wrong with a classic like Mickey!


The king of beasts.


This pup makes an adorable Immortan Joe.


We’re not sure if this is meant to be Hoshi from “Arakawa Under the Bridge” or just a cute star.


This dog might not be too pleased to know they were being dressed up as a cat.


What a fabulous hairdo, darling!


Chihuahua-mametaro makes an adorable deer!


Check out this hairy BB-8.

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