What U.S Presidents Would Look Like As Superheroes Or Villains On Money


Looking at your paper money and seeing a bunch of stuffed shirts isn't exactly interesting. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and the rest might have done a lot for the United States, but that doesn't mean there aren't other faces that you would rather see on your bank notes. One artist, CJ Johnson, decided to reimagine currency as we know it, and replace the images of dead presidents and founding fathers with superheroes, movie villains, and other fictional characters. The results are super cool, to say the least. For anyone who might be concerned about Johnson defacing currency, don't worry! He stays within the letter of the law by drawing onto hi-res copies of bank notes, rather than the real deal. 

Website: CJ Johnson



You wouldn't like Mr. President when he's angry.



President, I am. Spend me, you must.


Darth Maul is somehow even more menacing with hair.


This bank note will be back.

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