Possibly The Coolest Vinyl Record Player Out There


CD sales have been dropping for some time now, but vinyl records are selling like hot cakes. If you're a bit of a vinyl nerd, then this little bit of kit might interest you. At first glance, this looks like a regular briefcase, but open it up and something surprising lurks within. Yup. This briefcase is actually a portable turntable for playing records. It comes with its own flip out speakers and can run on a rechargeable battery (although you can also connect it to mains power if you prefer), so you can play your favorite records wherever you go! Okay, so it's not exactly as portable as a Walkman, but it would be great to take to a park or the beach, or simply up your own garden so you can listen to your vinyl outside.

Website: Pyle Audio


This awesome bit of gear, which is made by audio company Pyle, might look like a thing of the past, but it's actually more high-tech that you'd think. It can link up with any Bluetooth enabled device, such as your smartphone or laptop, so that you can stream music from your device through the turntable. It also has the ability to convert the music from your records into MP3s so that you can easily digitize your vinyl collection.



If you're not one for Bluetooth, it can also link up to a computer that old fashioned way, using a cable. What's more, you can get a better sound by plugging it into bigger speakers while you're home, and utilizing the integrated ones while you're out and about. All in all, this is a nifty little turntable which we'd really like to own!