Leather Shop Opens After 53 Days Of Quarantine Only To Find All Of Their Products Had Molded

Did you ever wonder what happens to the world without the presence of human beings? The answer is simple: nature will take over. Just look at how nature claimed this department store in Malaysia when mold began to grow on all the leather products. When the department store opened after being closed for almost two months, they were surprised to find that all their leather-made merchandise was moldy.

The year 2020 will go down in history as the year when a highly contagious virus forced everyone to stay indoors and put many businesses dead in their tracks. Apparently, the closure of non-essential businesses has been catastrophic, both on the economy and the business owners. Malaysia, in particular has suffered as their lockdown started back in March to stop the spread of coronavirus. Since then, all non-essential businesses such as this leatherwear department store have been closed indefinitely. On May 10th, exactly 53 days after the start of lockdown, the Malaysian government finally allowed all businesses to reopen. So, now the employees of this particular department store are back at work, they were in shock to see that everything is moldy.


This leatherwear store reopens to see all leather goods covered in mold

leather shoes covered in mold

Nex Nezeum

From shoes and bags to belts and wallets, even the furniture and flooring did not escape the invasion. But how did this happen? There are several factors that create the right conditions. These include high humidity, warm temperatures and poor ventilation. Since the air conditioning was off in the area for almost two months, the humid environment has ambient conditions for mildew to grow. Leather, if stored in an area where moisture and the temperature are too high, becomes prone to harbour fungi and mildew.

leather bags covered in mold

Nex Nezeum


malaysian department store bench covered in mildew

Nex Nezeum


leather bags covered in mildew

Nex Nezeum


leather belts covered in mold

Nex Nezeum


polo shoes covered in mildew

Nex Nezeum


genuine leather shoes mold growth

Nex Nezeum


leather bag full of mildew

Nex Nezeum


leather bags mold growth

Nex Nezeum


leather wallets covered in mildew

Nex Nezeum


moldy leather bag

Nex Nezeum

Photos of the mold invasion were shared by Facebook user Nex Nezeum. And we really feel sorry for the store owner for having to deal with this moldy situation. As if the 53-day closure wasn’t bad enough for business, this has to made everything more dreadful. The same Facebook user also shared some photos taken from a cinema in the same situation. All the seats and carpet are covered in mold, making it as if the cinema has been abandoned for years.

malaysian cinema seats and floor mildew

Nex Nezeum


cinema seats and floor covered in mold

Nex Nezeum


moldy cinema malaysia

Nex Nezeum


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