12 Fun Writing Prompts To Help You Get Creative


If you’re trying to improve your writing, practice is the only answer. But, sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas to write about, especially if you’re only writing as an exercise and not trying to create your masterwork. That’s where writing prompts can come in handy. They give a basic jumping off point for your story, which you can expand on. You’re still the one coming up with the plot and the characters, but you can get some much-needed inspiration. We’ve collected some awesome writing prompts that we think you might enjoy! So, here are twelve fun writing prompts to help you get creative!



This could be a really great jumping off point for a Neil Gaiman-esque fantasy piece.


You could also expand it out past just your journey home if you wanted to.


We can imagine this as a futuristic sci fi story.


There are a multitude of directions you could take this one in.


This is a fun exercise just for practice.


We can imagine this as an excellent young adult thriller.


This is an interesting variation similar to the above.


This idea definitely has a lot of scope depending on how you wanted to play with it.


You could make this a quick exercise or go all out.


We think this definitely has the making of excellent horror.


We like this idea as an exercise to practice your descriptive writing.


What an epic beginning to a mystery!

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