Norwegian Artist Creates Plush-Looking Pillows From Blocks Of Marble

We normally associate the words “soft” and “fluffy” with a pillow. But Norwegian artist Håkon Anton Fagerås is changing this common perception with his marble pillow sculptures. This contemporary artist creates the perfect oxymoron with his masterpieces. Indeed, looks can be deceiving.

Fagerås’ ongoing series entitled Down features rock-hard yet soft-looking pillow sculptures. Without knowing what they’re made of, you’d surely be tricked into squishing and smashing them into your face. The talented sculptor uses a pneumatic hammer and other carving tools to replicate a pillow, complete with creases and folds.

Contemporary Artist and Sculptor Hakon Anton Fageras at Work 2


Contemporary Artist and Sculptor Hakon Anton Fageras at Work

In an interview, the artist explained his fascination with the medium and how it’s able to express “emotional nuances.”

“Because of the material qualities of marble itself, it appears fragile. It’s quite fragile, but it’s not that fragile, and yet it appears so because of the translucency and pureness of the stone.”


Without seeing Fagerås at work, it’s easy to believe that these pillows consist of nothing but fabric and some cotton fillings


Hakon Anton Fageras Sculpting Marble Pillows 3


Marble Pillow Sculpture by Hakon Anton Fageras


Hakon Anton Fageras Sculpting Marble Pillows

He further added that it enables him to work on a very precise level. And for Fagerås, this is essential for him to be able to communicate these emotions effectively. Nonetheless, he clarified that he doesn’t try to be “too literal” about it. According to him, it’s not about creating a literal portrayal of something that expresses an emotion. Rather, it’s more about creating an atmosphere or a sensation.

Contemporary Artist and Sculptor Hakon Anton Fageras at Work 3


Hakon Anton Fageras Sculpting Marble Pillows 2

In addition to that, Fagerås perceives pillows as a “beautiful symbol of life.” Indeed, the bed is a piece of furniture for resting or sleeping. But more often than not, it’s also where people recall some of life’s happiest and saddest moments. And in a way, pillows, in their natural soft postures, are able to portray these moments in a different light.

“The common denominator of most of my art is fragility and vulnerability.”

Aside from pillows, Fagerås carve faces and figures of different personalities. You can find out more about his works on his website.


Source: Håkon Anton Fagerås Website | Facebook | Instagram