These People Came Up With Crazy Ways To Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket

No matter how good (or bad) of a driver you are, it’s easy to slip up and get a traffic ticket. Not only do you have to pay a fine but your driving record will also be tainted. However, some people are extremely lucky and clever at dodging this unhappy outcome. Here we have a selection of crazy ways to get out of a traffic ticket… 

Good doggie!

Bad cop.

Something was looking out for you that day. 

That’s some serious dedication. 

Anything’s possible when you can make a person laugh.

It takes balls…

Do you wanna build a snowman?

He’s got great taste in music.

He totally gets me.

Way to go!

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We don’t condone speeding but it’s nice that the officer showed some compassion. 

Works every time.

You just can’t argue with diarrhea. 

Dogs truly are a human’s best friend.

This person was lucky. 


You can’t blame me for getting carried away to a good song.

He has a point…

This will not go down well with most people.