New S’mores Bomb Pops Are Dipped In Chocolate And Have A Marshmallow-Swirl Center

The classic rocket-shaped Bomb Pop in red, white and blue colors has always been the go-to summer treat. But now we can get more than the cherry, lime and blue raspberry flavors in one stick. The popular popsicle brand is about to give us a sweeter summer with its new S’mores Bomb Pop. This new yummy flavor is a part of its range of Bomb Pop Middles along with three other delectable flavors.

The new Bomb Pop features graham cracker frozen dairy dessert dipped in a chocolatey coating. And of course, it isn’t complete without roasted, gooey marshmallows. Inside the graham cracker is a burst of marshmallow swirl to give you the taste of our favorite summer snack. Now we can enjoy this campfire treat without having to roast the marshmallows ourselves. Hassle-free snacking has never been this sweet before.


S’mores Bomb Pop Middles

bomb pop middles s'mores

In addition to this one, the brand also offers other appetizing flavors to appease our sweet tooth and to help us beat the summer heat. Other flavors include Chocolate Caramel Sundae, Strawberry Raspberry Taffy and Chocolate Crème Sandwich. The Chocolate Caramel Sundae is a chocolate frozen dairy dessert stuffed with smooth caramel while the Strawberry Raspberry Taffy has a strawberry frozen dairy dessert exterior with a raspberry-flavored taffy filling. Lastly, the Chocolate Crème Sandwich has a chocolate frozen dairy dessert outside with a burst of sweet vanilla swirl in the middle.

bomb pop middles strawberry raspberry taffy


bomb pop middles s'mores



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NEW! Chocolate Creme Sandwich Bomb Pop Middles . . . Description: Chocolate Frozen Dairy Dessert Outside with a Burst of Sweet Vanilla Flavored Swirl in the Middle (8 pops) . . This is the first flavor I’m trying from this brand and I am not digging it. The outside had a chocolate taste to it but that texture…. and the inside “vanilla swirl” that texture, gets even worse. The flavor of the “kinda” vanilla swirl does make it taste like cookies n Creme but in a very weird way. This is not a go for me. I don’t feel any dairy product should pull like taffy…I will gladly refrain from purchasing anymore products from this brand. . . 2/10 . . ****Nutrition Facts are in the pictures!! Don’t forget to look through!***** . Tag a Friend & Follow Me for Daily Content at @hungry_girlproblems . . #bombpopmiddles #newproducts #newproduct #icecreampop #walmartfinds #snackreviews #snacks #snackreview #snackideas #snackingtime #frozendessert #frozentreats #summertime #coldtreats #colddesert

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People have spotted these varieties at Harris Teeter, Walmart and Kroger. So, you might want to pay a visit to the nearest store now. Only three flavors (except the Chocolate Crème Sandwich) are listed on Harris Teeter website. They come in a 17.5 oz box containing 10 pops. Whatever flavor your craving there’s a Bomb Pop for you.



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Here’s one of 4 new Bomb Pop Middles.. Strawberry Raspberry Taffy. Strawberry frozen dairy dessert outside with raspberry flavored taffy in the middle. I wasn’t expecting the middle to be like a creamy liquid. Thought it would have more texture. Anyway it’s a thin layer of dairy dessert with a tart sweet raspberry goo inside. Eat ‘em fast cause they melt quickly. This one was a bit sweet for me but now that I know the middle is gooey I’d like to give the Chocolate Cream Sandwich flavor a try. Swipe?? to see the other flavors. FOUND IN KROGER. #bombpops #bombpop #bombpopmiddles #originalbombpop #kroger #strawberry #raspberry #taffy #gooey #raspberrytaffy #icecream #newicecream #wellsenterprises #junkfood

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Source: Harris Teeter | JunkBanter