Dairy Queen’s New Piñata Party Blizzard Will Be Full Of Cake Batter And Icing

Our happy days with the Peppermint Hot Cocoa Blizzard are numbered. But there’s no need to despair. Dairy Queen already has a delicious treat ready to get us through summer 2020, and it’s unlike anything we’ve enjoyed from the brand before! Last year, the company treated us to the decadent Snicker and peanut butter-flavored Blizzards. And this time they’re giving us a Piñata party in a cup!

Ah yes, the Piñata. No birthday party is complete without it.  After all, who doesn’t love a good shower of candy? It’s literally one of the highlights of a kid’s birthday party, alongside cake!  Since DQ is all about happiness, a genius over at their confectionery combined these two happy elements in one treat. And it’s probably one of the best decisions ever! We’ve been enjoying ice cream cakes since forever, but this new Blizzard may just knock it off it’s pedestal.




The Piñata Party Blizzard is happiness in a cup

News about DQ’s upcoming summer treat took Instagram by storm thanks to @lynndqs. The account represents 7  different Dairy Queen branches based in southwestern Pennsylvania. The new soft serve was introduced at the annual DQ Connect event this January. Several other new offerings were announced at the event, but the delightful party-inspired treat really blew the attendees away.  And it’s not hard to see why.

This Blizzard reportedly contains “cake pieces, cake batter pieces and icing” combined with DQ’s signature vanilla soft serve. Plus, a swirl of whipped cream peppered with colorful confetti-like candy bits can be found on this treat. With all these yummy ingredients coming together in a single cup, we can already predict that it’s going to be another unforgettable DQ treat.




However, we’ll only get to enjoy this Blizzard for a limited time. According to Lynn DQ, it’ll be available in stores in June. That may seem like a long wait, but let’s choose to look at the bright side. With all the time between now and its release, you can work on your summer bod while planning how many times you can keep yourself cool with this festive new treat! It’s definitely going to reign supreme this summer!