Photos of Hilariously Weird Things To Feast Your Eyes On

If you’re looking for your daily dose of weird stuff then you’re on the right place. Feast your eyes on these hilariously weird things to your heart’s content. You may not admit it but there’s something oddly satisfying on the things that are out of the ordinary. This is maybe because ordinary has become boring and people tend to look for something different.  So we welcome you to the weird side of the internet. We have picked some hilariously weird things for your enjoyment.




Age is certainly catching up with our beloved Marge. Even cartoon characters chime with time just like us.

Reddit | adrislnk

Well, why not? It’s fascinating to think outside the box sometimes. Don’t be surprised to see triangular toilets next time.

Reddit | rwlevikrpr

If you think it’s impossible to transport a large flock of ducks on a motorbike, let this man remind you that nothing is impossible for an innovative mind.

Reddit |TheOmniscientLemon24

Welcome to the new millennium where kids are put on a leash and dogs walk free.

Reddit | alabamaman69

This looks painful but seems like the cold doesn’t bother him anyway.

Reddit | anewhigh

The cookie thief is on the loose so you better keep your cookies safe.

Reddit | frenzyman38

Here is a shocking graphic representation of life according to an 11-years old kid. We appreciate this friendly reminder pointing out which part of the slide we’re currently in.

Reddit | Trai-Harder

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Sweaty feet? Problem solved! This useful hack allows this magical thing to absorb enormous amount of sweat. Yes, pantyliners aren’t only for the ladies.


A pink grasshopper is a rare find and it looks more charming than the typical greens. But the color doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a grasshopper so I still wouldn’t want it near me.

pink grasshopper hilariously weird things
Reddit | MC4204

Guinea pigs are cute but I can’t say the same when they are this huge. It makes me want to thank nature for creating them as they are, small and cute.


It’s only natural to show adoration of our belongings. But adoring a toilet is a first. Look at that protective head cover and that picture behind it.

Twitter | ahoybailey

A glass jar or a Ziplock bag? It certainly looks confusing but this is actually a glass jar resembling a Ziplock bag.

Reddit | coolaaron88

These M&ms are finally hatching and we’re about to see the birth of their new hatchlings.  Wait for it… wait for… it… Okay, nothing interesting here! Moving on!

Reddit | sxymxy1313

Do you have any idea of what intense chaos is like? Just look at this vending machine and you’ll know.

Reddit | rbards

If you ask me what’s wrong with this picture, let me bring up the way they impaled Iron-Man here. And to add insult to the injury, they even let kids ride on an impaled hero.

Reddit | Sprawikoo