Candy Pop And Snickers Have Created Possibly The Greatest Popcorn Combination Ever

Movie time is now made even more exciting with this new Snickers Popcorn.  Salt, caramel, butter, and cheese have been the traditional flavors for popcorn. And it’s about time we try something new. Well, chocolate-flavored popcorn have been recently popular. But Candy Pop took this flavor to a whole new level by drizzling the popcorn, not just with chocolate, but with Snickers candy bar pieces.

Each popcorn is drizzled to perfection with all the goodness of Snickers candy bars. All the chocolatey goodness of our favorite candy bar combined with its iconic caramel and nuts can now be enjoyed in popcorn. The salty-buttery flavor of popcorn and the sweet-nutty flavor of Snickers combine to give you a taste you will never forget.


Candy Pop Snickers Popcorn

candy pop snickers popcorn
Sam’s Club

Before you rush to the nearest grocery stores in hopes to find these goodies, let us tell you beforehand that the Snickers Popcorn is a Sam’s Club exclusive. In other words, you won’t find these babies anywhere else apart from Sam’s Club. It comes in a 20 oz pack with a label that reads ‘made with Snickers candy pieces’. So, that’s basically what we’re getting with these treats. Each pack contains light fluffy popcorn coated in drizzles of chocolate, caramel, and peanut chunks. Plus, the resealable pack makes it airtight after opening to keep the contents fresh for future consumption.

candy pop snickers popcorn back
Sam’s Club

Some lucky shoppers have spotted the new Candy Pop flavor on the shelves at Sam’s Club stores. If you visit Sam’s Club, chances are, you may also find other Candy Pop flavors including Oreo, Butterfinger, and Twix flavors. You may try all flavors but make sure not to miss out on the Snickers flavors. People who have tried these Candy Pops flavors claim that the Snickers Popcorn was the best among these flavors.

Source: Sam’s Club