20 Cats That Freakishly Resemble Other Things


Check out our hilarious collection of the funniest cat photos we've seen for some time. Is your cat tired of just being a simple house pet? Do they aspire to be the next Batman, Charlie Chaplin or Dobby lookalike? If so, then maybe they can get some inspiration from the pictures below!

From a cat that looks like scary Hitler to one which looks like the beautiful Maleficent, they're all here for your viewing pleasure. Who would have known that Nicki Minaj had a feline doppelganger wearing a pomelo hat? We did and now so do you! Let us know which one you love the most in our comments section below.
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20 Dog That Freakishly Resemble Other Things


Swamp monster kitty.


The beautiful yet villainous feline Maleficent.


Gotta love the Mythbusters cat!


Salvador Dali cat.


OMG it's Batman. I mean Batcat.


A grumpy cat kitten!


Jabba the cat..erm..I mean Hutt.


Charlie Chaplin in cat form. The similarity is incredible.


Which one is the Halloween decoration?


Is it a cat? Is it a rug? Actually, it's catrug! Oh no wait it's still just a cat.


How to Train Your Dragon cat.


Cat? Or owl?


Orson Welles cat.


Maybe he's grumpy because he's being compared to a piece of fruit. Just saying.



He's got eyes like David Bowie, but does he have a voice like David Bowie?


OMG it's Hitler cat!


The resemblance is uncanny.


LOL. Chicken anyone?


Dobby cat.


Voldemort in cat form. Scary!

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Check out our dog version!
20 Dog That Freakishly Resemble Other Things