You Can Now Get A Convenient Table With Integrated Outlets That Sits Nicely Behind Your Couch

We’ll go as far as to say that this behind-the-couch table with integrated outlets is the most revolutionary furniture of this generation. We are now living in the electronic era where electronic devices have become integral parts of our daily lives. In other words, people of this modern age cannot survive without their smartphones, computers, home appliances, game consoles and other electronic gadgets. As you will know, all these devices need electricity. This is why most homes have multiple electrical outlets installed around the house, most commonly on the walls.

While it’s good to have as many wall outlets as possible, there’s still one problem that hasn’t been actually solved. You probably know this usual scenario. You’re comfortably relaxing on the couch while either watching or playing on your smartphone. Then your phone battery suddenly dies. The nearest wall outlet seems miles away from you. And you’re too lazy to get up, get an extension cord, plug your device in and resume being a couch potato. Well, you can now finally rejoice because this behind-the-couch table has outlets that allow you to plug in your devices without having to leave your seat. How brilliant is that?


Console Table with Integrated Outlets

console table with integrated outlets

This behind-the-couch table was custom-built by TheChapmanWorkshop. Unfortunately, this particular Etsy shop does not offer the exact table for sale. But rather, the shop is offering the plans in downloadable PDF format to help you build this convenient furnishing. The plans include detailed instructions and necessary materials to make this DIY console table. It is designed to fit behind any couch, you only need to change the height and width in accordance to your couch size.

console table with integrated outlets digital plan

This behind-the-couch table is constructed from stained pine boards. Aside from those, you’ll also need to buy 2 power strips preferably the ones with 2 outlet ports and 3 USB ports. Install the power strips on each side of the console table to get easier access to the outlets. So you can just easily plug in your devices while you’re on the couch.

If DIY stuff is not your thing, you can just purchase a fully-made sofa table. Just like the previous product, this sofa table is designed to sit behind the couch or sofa. Furthermore, it also has a built-in power strip installed on one side with 2 outlet ports and 2 USB ports. It is available in three height sizes – 36 inches, 38 inches and 40 inches. Each table is made from oak wood with industry iron pipe legs.

sofa table oak with power outlet


sofa table oak


sofa table oak integrated outlets


sofa table oak with built-in power strip


sofa table oak with integrated outlets and usb ports


sofa table oak behind the couch

Get the digital plans here and the sofa table oak here.