This PlayStation Controller Alarm Clock Is One For The Gaming Obsessed

Hardcore gamers can pull a lot of all-nighters for the sake of achieving goals or leveling up their games. So, when it’s time to rise in the morning, they’re likely to sleep like a log. And this is when alarm clocks could really come in handy. But it should not be just any ordinary alarm clock. You know these gamers, they would need something more than their iPhones or regular alarm clocks to wake them up. Now here’s a quick fix to that –  a Playstation Alarm Clock that will entice them to hit the game controller immediately.

playstation alarm clock firebox

Firebox introduces an alarm clock that is modeled after a PS4 controller. Basically, it’s a digital alarm clock. And no, you can’t connect it to your Playstation console. The Playstation Alarm Clock is USB powered and it comes with a cable included in the package. It features a reverse LED screen with backlight to display the current time and the alarm time. When it’s time to wake you up, it plays the classic beeping alarm sounds. So, if you’re expecting to hear the badass soundtrack of God of War then sorry to burst your bubbles.

firebox playstation alarm clock

Who wouldn’t want to hit a PS4 controller first thing in the morning? That’s the main idea behind the Playstation Alarm Clock. Gamers are probably thinking about hitting the game controller even in their sleep. If you’re a gamer yourself, you definitely need to have this alarm clock to get you inspired to wake up. Unless you’re not afraid to get fired from work then you can sleep throughout the day. You can get this amazing gadget on Firebox or Amazon for yourself or as a practical gift for your gamer friends