There’s A Hot Dog Couch And Hamburger Chair For Sale With Optional Tomato And Cucumber Pillows

Do you like hotdogs? Are you so obsessed with this New York staple that you’d want to decorate your home with it? If you do, then Neiman Marcus has just the thing to satisfy your craving: the hot dog couch. That’s right. Neiman Marcus, the elite department store, is selling a couch shaped like a hot dog bun, completely accessorized with a wiener, cucumber, and tomato pillows that costs $7,100! Plus tax!

The price of this hot dog-shaped couch is a bit hard to chew.

This couch has a hefty price tag for something that’s inspired from hot dogs being sold for no more than $2.50 in the streets of New York. According to the official description of the Seletti, the couch’s manufacturer, it’s made in Italy, and weighs 1,433lbs. Which makes this couch a really heavy hot dog!


So maybe the Italian craftsmanship that went into this comical couch adds to its price? Maybe the leather they used is in the quality range that fashion design powerhouses use? Upon further scrutiny, we have discovered that the couch’s seemingly unnoticeable feet are made with gold-plated resin.The couch does seem ridiculous. But the pillows are adorable and look comfy. And they’re slightly more affordable than the entire set. You’ll just have to squeeze out $1,500 for the tomato-shaped pillow. If shelling out $1,170 won’t put you in a pickle, then you can totally go for the pickle-shaped pillow. The cucumber-shaped pillow can be yours for a cool $930. Unfortunately, the wiener-shaped pillow comes exclusively with the couch.

hot dog couch

If you can’t afford the hot dog, you can get a hamburger.

The folks over at Twitter obviously didn’t miss a chance to poke some fun at the comical couch. They also pointed out that if there’s an option for hamburger lovers as well.

hamburger chair

The burger couch has a more affordable price tag at $4,950 (plus tax) and comes with tomato and pickle pillows. It looks like something that Katy Perry would – no, should – have because she loves working with food. After all, she did wear a burger costume!


As of writing, the hot dog couch is officially sold out at Neiman Marcus. So we guess there’s a lot of people with really bizarre tastes out there. Would you get this couch specifically for the novelty?