Barbie Has Taken A New Career Path As A Photojournalist For National Geographic

Are you a photography enthusiast currently wondering what to Christmas present to give a special little girl? Look no further because the new Barbie photojournalist doll has arrived to inspire your little girl to find her passion for photography. Since 1959, Barbie has served as a role model for young girls around the world. She’s taken different roles and defied gender roles time.

Over the years, we’ve seen Barbie exchange her dresses and ballgowns for Astronaut gear and uniforms. And this year, Barbie is taking another career jump as a photojournalist for National Geographic. Mattel wrote that,

“Barbie doll is an adventurous spirit, always enthusiastic about exploring the world. She’s partnered with National Geographic to encourage imagination, expression, and discovery through play.”

little girl plays with barbie photojournalist


The Barbie photojournalist doll is part of Mattel’s collaborative collection with National Geographic.

barbie photojournalist doll holds up her camera with lion cub beside her

Barbie has become so much more than just a doll little girls play dress up with. She has become a symbol of empowerment for young ladies everywhere. And now, little girls have new things to aspire for thanks to Barbie’s collaboration with National Geographic. The collection also features Barbie as an entomologist, wildlife conservationist, astrophysicist, and marine biologist. Each doll comes complete with a cute animal companion and accessories.

Designed for kids aged 3 to 7, the Barbie photojournalist doll wears a jungle explorer costume. And on closer inspection, you’ll see “National Geographic Society” emblazoned on her vest. And because Barbie is a photojournalist, she comes equipped with a DSLR camera. An adorable lion cub also accompanies our adventurous photojournalist to serve as her very own photo subject.

The camera has a handle Barbie doll can hold.

barbie photojournalist camera


Barbie’s reading about a majestic lion.

copy of photojournalist barbie magazine


And she comes with an adorable lion cub too!

photojournalist barbie in box


Watch Barbie in action as a photojournalist together with her wildlife conservationist friend:

The new Barbie photojournalist doll is sure to encourage any young girl to go explore outside! She’s sure to spark a lot of wonderful stories and adventures for your beloved Barbie lover. This adventurous wildlife photographer doll is available here.

Source: Barbie