Women Reveal Why They Stay With Their Husbands Despite Being Unhappy

We all know that not everyone is happy within their relationships. These negative feelings can occur for a whole multitude of differing reasons. Generally, a lot of people end their relationships when things aren’t working out but sadly there are many others who feel completely trapped. Here we have a list of women revealing why they stay with their husbands despite being unhappy. Some of these are really sad. Take a look…
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Sometimes, we need to be selfish and do things for ourselves. Why should you live a life of misery to please others?

There are plenty of jobs available all around the world!

Sometimes staying is the lesser of two evils. 

Emotional blackmail isn’t okay. The husband needs to seek medical help and counselling. 

That’s a bold thing to wish for. 

A house is not a prison sentence. You can always work something out. 

Sometimes you really are in a life or death situation. 

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Not everyone views those things as flaws. 

Debt can leave you crippled in more ways than one.

Of course, we all want to put our kids first but generally staying with someone for the sake of a child leaves you leading an unhappy life. 

The system is still so flawed. 

There are plenty of people who can look past such things. Also, there are plenty of people in the same situation you are in! You are better than your dirt bag husband by far!

The thought of this is too much to bear for some people. 

Everyone has their own baggage! It’s a part of life. Don’t write yourself off for this reason.