You Can Get Iridescent Drinkware And They’re Ideal For The Summer

Calling all self-proclaimed spring fairies! Target has added a line of iridescent drinkware for your garden parties this year. You may or may not know that the drinkware and plates you use for your garden parties and picnics can make or break your social event. So, you may want to skip those red Solo cups for something more whimsical in honor of spring. The prismatic additions to Target’s Sun Squad collection will certainly make any drink – be it simply water or a fancy cocktail, say…a margarita – look way more mesmerizing than it already is. And the best part? These drinkware pieces won’t break the bank!

Let’s be honest. Those red Solo cups don’t really fit in a garden party setting. You’d expect to see those at a college party. Not at more sophisticated gatherings. Plus, they’re disposable, which means that they’re not exactly helping the world’s mission of decreasing the volume of disposed garbage, right? It’s high time you skip on the Solo cups and go for something you can use for a long time. And this drinkware collection from Target certainly seems up for the task of leveling up your social gathering game without contributing the single-use garbage volume that organizations try so hard to deal with every day.


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Target’s iridescent drinkware elements are perfect for your spring picnics and parties

The collection is available in various forms and sizes to cater to your every need. Target is offering a range of beverage containers covered with a rainbowlike sheen including a 146oz beverage dispenser, an 82oz water pitcher and a 96oz margarita pitcher. The set even has its own 3.1qt ice bucket perfect for your ready-to-drink margaritas and bottles of wine.  You’ll definitely be serving your drinks in style with these Sun Squad beverage containers!


Ice Bucket

iridescent ice bucket


Margarita Beverage Pitcher

iridescent margarita pitcher


Beverage Dispenser

iridescent 146oz drink dispenser


Drink Pitcher

iridescent drink pitcher

Pour your summer sips into these shimmery tumblers and glasses

And of course, your summer sips need to be decanted into matching glasses and tumblers! Sip on some chilled wine in a 14oz stemless wineglass while chatting with your friends. But if you need to quench a big thirst, then you should opt for the Sun Squad’s 22oz tumbler. And if you happen to be on a more celebratory mood, Target’s prismatic margarita glass will have you feeling a lot fancier than ever. We all know that cocktails are liquid magic, but putting them in this drinkware with a colorful sheen makes the experience all the more enjoyable!


Stemless Wine Glass Set

single iridescent stemless wine glass


iridescent 14oz stemless wine glass


Shimmery 22oz Tumbler

iridescent 22oz plastic tumbler


Plastic Margarita Glass

iridescent margarita


They even have dessert bowls

After all the margaritas and cool sips are gone, you can end your garden party on a sweet note by serving scoops of ice cream served in an iridescent bowl shaped like an ice cream cone. There are two ice cream bowls you can choose from – one’s shaped like the classic sugar wafer cone, and the other looks like a waffle-cone bowl. The ice cream cone bowl can carry 14oz of ice cream while the waffle-cone bowl can hold up to 13oz of frozen creamy goodness.


Figural Ice Cream Cone Bowl

figural ice cream cone bowl


Sundae Bowl

waffle cone ice cream bowl

According to Target, the new drinkware collection is BPA-free. And you only need to hand wash them to get them squeaky clean again. And since they’re made to hold cold beverages, it would be best if you kept it far from the microwave or any hot liquids to avoid melting. We’re pretty sure that these plastic picnic drinkware pieces will last a long time, so we’re definitely willing to invest on them. A little shimmer always makes everything better, after all!


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