TruMoo Have A Limited Edition Mint Vanilla Milk Flavor And It Tastes Like A Holiday Dream

Milk’s definitely gone a long way from being the plain white stuff that we drink and pair with our cereal. Dairy producers have introduced a myriad of colors and flavors to their product to attract and keep their consumers. Now, the sight of brown and pink milk is now commonplace, but what if we told you that it now comes in green? You may have heard about green eggs and ham, but now you can complete the green breakfast spread with the TruMoo Mint Vanilla Milk! The brand describes the special offering on their product page as:

“Mint vanilla-flavored lowfat milk in a festive green color that keeps you (and your taste buds) feeling merry all through the holidays.”


TruMoo Mint Vanilla Milk

Mint takes over almost everything during the winter season.  We can taste its refreshing flavor infused in chocolate and other food items that you wouldn’t associate with the herb. And now, you can get that icy cool taste in your morning drink thanks to TruMoo’s seasonal offering.


Holiday breakfast just got a lot more festive with TruMoo Mint Vanilla Milk


In previous years, the Mint Vanilla Milk was exclusively released during St. Patrick’s Day. The item typically comes dressed with a rainbow and pot of gold which are associated with the event. The exclusive release makes sense, since it makes the perfect ingredient for whipping up those Shamrock Shakes. However, since TruMoo is releasing the milk for the Christmas holiday season, they’ve traded the rainbow and pot of gold for a friendly snowman.


The mint-flavored dairy drink doesn’t have any artificial flavors. In addition to this, the seasonal offering also has no fructose corn syrup added, so you can enjoy it as much as you want without worrying about your sugar levels! TruMoo’s Mint Milk is available at grocery stores now. You can check out TruMoo’s product locator to see which stores carry the item.