Mom Photographs Baby With Food And The Results Are Adorably Yummy

Babies look cute in almost everything. And everyone loves food, including pictures of food. But a baby with food for clothing and then photographed looks super yummy and good enough to eat! Mother Debbie Khoo decided to photograph her baby with food and the results are adorable! She did it for 2 weeks and the internet went crazy at how cute her little angel is. Looking at these pictures might make you want to get creative with your little ones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what food items you could use.

Check out what happened when mom photographs baby with food. The results are adorably yummy!


I Love You A Waffle Lot!

Please Donut Grow Up Too Fast!

She’s Obviously Broc-Ing This Outfit.

You Are One In A Melon.

What An Egg-cellent Suit!

You’ll Forever Have A Pizza My Heart, My Love.

Cute baby pictures with tasty snacks for outfits


Please Romaine Calm.

I Look So Pine In My Mermaid Gown.

What A Berry Cute Cherub!

Love You From My Head Tomatoes.

Keep Calm, and Carrot On.

Common, Let’s Guac and Roll!

Have A Zest For Life!

Isn’t this baby with food just adorably yummy?