Photographer Takes Awesomely Cute Matching Photos Of Her Baby And Their Rescue Dog


Zoey the 7-year-old rescue dog didn't have the best start in life. Born outside a Taiwanese store, the owner tried to wash her and her brothers and sisters away into the gutter. Thankfully a young girl witnessed the incident, rescued the puppies and their mom and took them to the safety of an animal rescue center. It was there that LA-based animal and lifestyle photographer Grace Chon adopted Zoey and gave her a wonderful and happy new life. 


Take a look at these adorable photos of Zoey and Jasper, Grace's 10-month-old little boy. They look so cute in their matching outfits and hats! Grace has always enjoyed dressing her dogs in crazy outfits so the idea for a dog and baby matching photo series came quite naturally to her! Zoey and Jasper look like they're having the time of their lives. It's so wonderful to know that the rescue dog has a fun and loving family to take care of her forever!

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