Cute Animal Wedding Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

You may think animals and weddings don’t really go together, but these animal wedding photos prove just how fun and romantic (and sometimes scary) this special day is for them as well. Those of you that have pets will appreciate these super cute pics even more, and may even want to give your furry friends a special big day of their very own!

Awesome Inventions has compiled these adorable animal wedding photos showing that “love is in the air” is not just for ‘hoomans’. Scroll down to see a collection of cute animal wedding photos that will melt your heart.


We’re finally getting married! After having 8 puppies, that is.

When you don’t have to diet anymore. Finally!

The typical “bridezilla.” She is not one happy lady!

An arranged marriage, clearly. Or they’re just keeping their cool.

“Till death do us part.” Also, were loving the outdoor location!

This cutie‘s wedding is as colorful as her tutu.

The most dashing groom of the year. Omg he is simply adorable!

Me trying my best not to cry buckets on my wedding day. Keep calm, keep calm.

Cute animals and their special big day


Smile! It’s your wedding after all.

Not sure that’s meant for there… oh well, it fits like a dream!

Has anyone seen my groom? He better not keep me waiting much longer!

This is how I get rid of cold feet.

What a purrfect fit, wouldn’t you agree?

What do you mean the bride hasn’t arrived yet? She is coming though, right?

The cutest ring bearer at my sister’s wedding.

What do you guys think of these super cute animal wedding photos? Crazy? Cute? Or crazy and cute?! Let us know in the comments below!