See The Terrifying Reason That This Beautiful Old Mansion Is Selling For So Cheap

If you’re looking for a mansion and don’t have a mansion-sized budget to spare then read on! This awesomely huge Queen Anne style home in New York is priced at just $105,000… a bargain, right? Just one look at the place would have you believing that the house should be worth millions rather than thousands. So, what’s the issue? Real Estate Broker Cindi Hagley says that the house is priced so low to get a bidding war going as Google Maps picked up a photo of ‘ghostly’ hand prints on some of the windows. Cindi points out that ghosts can’t leave hand prints. So, what do you think about the subject? Real or just kids playing a prank? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and take a look here at Cindi’s interview with CTV News Montreal to find out more!

full haunted house


handprints on windows

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