Ingenious Ideas For Reusing Plastic Bottles

Unfortunately, most of us tend to waste a lot of plastic bottles. Many of us try to recycle where we can but there are other ways to reduce your wastage that are both fun and useful! Here we have some ingenious ideas for reusing plastic bottles. There are projects here suitable for both kids and adults, and all of them cost next to nothing! Take a look, you might be surprised to learn just how versatile a plain old plastic bottle can be!

Bottle Bag

This is so simple to make and great fun for kids!

Camera Lens Protector

You don’t always need to fork out a ton of money on a lens protector. A cut up plastic bottle works great!

Faucet Extender

This helps little kids to reach the water flow more easily.


For this one you’ll need a CD as well as a plastic bottle but look how great the results can be!


Making a DIY sprinkler is so much easier and way cheaper than you may have thought!

Mini Greenhouse

Check out this link to find out how to make your own mini greenhouses!

Mud Guard

If your bicycle doesn’t have a mud guard or it did have one but it got damaged, you can easily fashion one out of a plastic bottle!

Stationary Holders

Another great one for kids here! We would never have guessed these stationary holders were made from plastic bottles. The decorating possibilities are endless! Instructions here.

Phone Holder

If you haven’t got anywhere to place your phone when charging, why not make a phone holder? It’s so simple when you know how! You can find the steps here.

Phone Protector

This is ideal for cyclists! It will shield your phone from the rain.


This is a simple way to boost the volume if your phone speakers aren’t loud enough on their own.


In need of a shovel? Here’s a quick and easy way to create one!

Sponge Holder

This holder will help to keep your sponge fresh. The water drains into the bottom. Tips on how to create one can be found here.

Separating Yolks

Use a bottle for a quick and no fuss way to separate egg yolks!