Annoying Struggles Only Women With Bigger Legs Will Truly Understand

Do you look into a full length mirror when trying on new clothes and only see your legs, and how big they appear to you? Do you wish you had slimmer, more taut and toned thighs? Is wearing pencil skirts a mistake? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you’re probably in the same category as most women, those of us who believe our legs are just too chunky! So chunky, in fact, we’re likely to encounter at least some of the 12 ‘big legs’ struggles that this post is all about.

You can’t pull off a pencil skirt without the risk of breaking it.

When the only shorts that will fit your quads leave a big gap behind your butt! 

When this is something you simply cannot live without.

When your shorts ride up in places, leaving you with camel toe.

When it’s necessary to undertake DIY clothing hacks, like this one!

When this sign excludes you!

Your thighs are so big they make your spandex see-through.

You have issues when attempting to cross your legs.

This daily struggle you certainly recognize!

You can squat more weight that your boyfriend. Which isn’t a problem unless he has an issue with it!

You destroy pairs of jeans faster than your skinny legged friends

This is so accurate.