Shocking Things Moms Were Told Whilst Breastfeeding In Public

Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma surrounding breastfeeding in public. Many people share different views, so much so that you can almost guarantee that someone will decide to comment on your personal choices. For example, a few things you might hear are ‘you should/shouldn’t cover up’, ‘you should/shouldn’t be doing that in public’ and let’s not forget ‘he/she should be taking a bottle by now’! It’s crazy how worked up people get about the topic, especially when it doesn’t directly involve them! Nevertheless, people are entitled to their opinions. Here we have a list of mothers sharing the shocking things that they have been told whilst breastfeeding in public. Take a look!
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Many people have wanted to react this way but hold back. We say good on this person! 

Check the laws where you live. In many places, this is illegal. 

People who think breastfeeding is child abuse need a serious reality check! 

This isn’t very supportive of the husband at all! Good on the wife for standing her ground. 

You can’t fix stupid, unfortunately. 

Sometimes you have to get creative with your responses. 

It’s scary the way that some people think. 

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This person makes a very good point! Double standards much. 

Bothering people like this who are discreetly minding their own business is NOT OKAY! 

No one should be expected to eat a meal in a toilet. 

Goodness gracious. Irresponsible? We’ve heard it all now! 

Maybe that person should learn respect in general before preaching about it to other people. 

People these days seem to forget that they have a choice to not look/walk away if something bothers them. 

We ask ourselves this same question every single day…