Can You Spot The Panda Hidden In This Picture

We’ve got a little bit of wintry fun for you today in the form of an image that has been baffling folks since it was first posted. Drawn by Hungarian artist Dudolf, it’s a simple ‘Where’s Waldo’ style picture where the objective is to spot the single panda bear in a sea of snowmen. When you read that, it probably sounds ridiculously simple, but it can be difficult for some people. With their rounded white heads, and their black coal eyes, a crowd of snowmen is actually the perfect place for a shy panda to camouflage itself in. Take a look and try to spot the panda! 
Website: Dudolf

Did you spot the panda? Don’t worry if not! We’ll zoom in on the image to make it easier!

Still no joy? Here’s a proper close up!

 If you get really stuck, try looking at the noses!

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