These cakes are too amazing to eat

With most foods nowadays, we will only eat it if it looks like it’s going to taste nice. So with that in mind, it’s obviously important for the food to be presented in a way that is appealing to the eyes. When it comes to cake, the look of it is generally what sells the cake, not so much its insides. However if you’re like me, I couldn’t care less what the cake looks like, just so long as it tastes good (so there is an exception to the rule). But these cakes below will surely get your mouth watering as well as your eyes in awe at how amazing these cake designs are!

Ice Age Cake

Anti Gravity Maltesers And M&M’s Cake

Planet Cake

Pigs In Mud Cake

Polo Shirts Cake

Snake Cake

James Bond Wedding Cake

Library Cake

Up Cake

Sorting Hat Cake

Earth Cake

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