15 Items That Can Be Improved Using Just Sharpies – Part 1


Raise your hand if you love Sharpies! Oh, you've all got your hands up? We thought so! These versatile little pens are much loved all over the world, and are renowned for being able to draw on more or less anything. Even if you're a huge Sharpie enthusiast, there are probably some things that even you haven't thought of drawing on. These 15 everyday items are pretty cool as they are, but they can be made even better using Sharpies! Check it out!


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Make your plain wallpaper better with Sharpies. Just be careful.

Apartment Therapy


Make a flower vase better with Sharpies.

Creative Jewish Mom


Make plain tag ties better with Sharpies. An excellent packaging idea.



Make a white t-shirt better with Sharpies. You can create a tie dye effect by using rubbing alcohol.

Genuine Medpie


Make an average gift tag better with Sharpies and a stencil.

Design. Dining. Diapers.


Make your boring old stationery better by crosshatching on it with a Sharpie.

Mr Handsome Face


Make a plain pair of sneakers better by drawing on a design of your choice using Sharpies.

Just Crafty Enough


Make cheap sunglasses better with Sharpie polka dots.

Henry Happened


Make an uninteresting rug better by adding a design using Sharpies.

A Nest For All Seasons


Make rocks better with Sharpies. Silly rocks, you were so boring before.

Sand Between My Toes



Make a simple clutch better with a geometric Sharpie design.

Dismount Creative


Make plates better with Sharpies. If you bake them at 150 degrees for 30 minutes, the design will stay put.

365 Days to Simplicity / The Plumed Nest / Behance / Mad In Crafts


Make re-sealable plastic bags better with Sharpies. Use them as gift bags.sharpie-plastic-bags


Make pillows better with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol.

Radical Possibility


Make your smartphone case better with a whole rainbow of Sharpies.

Denise Heredia


There are some awesome ideas here. Time to put our Sharpie collection to good use!

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Don't forget to check out Part 2 of this post below:
14 Items That Can Be Improved Using Just Sharpies – Part 2