20 Comparisons That Show The Difference Between Airplane Food In Economy And First Class

If you’re used to flying in coach, then you’ll know that airplane food isn’t exactly gourmet. However, if you fly business class or first class, you might be surprised at the delicacies they serve up. For most of us, flying first class just isn’t a luxury that we can afford, but it’s just as well, because if you fly first class once, you’ll never want to go back to economy! The food isn’t the only incredible difference, but it’s a good place to start. This list from ‘9GAG’ compares airplane meals in economy and either business or first class over 20 airlines, and the difference is startling! Check it out!

We would be curious to actually do a taste test on all of these meals! Despite the fact that some of them look horrendous and some look delicious, appearance is only one part of the meal and arguably taste is much more important? It’s a shame that some airlines don’t have higher standards for their economy meals because people who are hungry might take one look at the food on offer and decide that they do no want to eat it, resulting in spending the duration of their flight unhappy. 

We’re surprised that some of these economy meals managed to pass regulations! However, it’s also nice to see that a few airlines actually have decent economy meals on offer. We appreciate that airlines are budget conscious and have to mass produce these meals but seriously it cannot be that hard to create a cheap and simple dish that looks and tastes reasonably good! 

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