12 Undeniable Signs That You’re An Introvert


Not everybody can be an extrovert who's the life and soul of the party, and not everybody wants to be either! This one is for all the introverts out there, we like your style! If you'd rather spend the majority of your time alone, even though your love your friends, or if an hour or two of socializing leaves you feeling exhausted, then you're probably an introvert and there's absolutely no shame in that. You'll probably relate to most of this, and if you're not sure then maybe it's time to discover your true self. Check out these signs!


This is your face when you're introduced to someone new.


You have plenty of options, but you'd prefer to stay indoors.


This is where people can find you at parties.


And, after an hour of socializing, you look like this.


In fact, you'd much rather spend your Saturday night like this.



This is your idea of going out for a pizza.


Welcoming guests to your home looks a little like this.


When you finally decide to speak up and somebody interrupts you.


This is how your friends look on the rare occasions you get chatty.


You don't know what to do when the doorbell rings.


Your idea of call screening is just not picking up.


When other people are home, but you just want a little time to yourself.

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