13 Of The Weirdest Things BFFs Do Together


Having a true best friend is awesome! They’re someone you know you could tell anything to and they’d keep your secrets. They’re someone you can have fun and joke around with. And they’re someone who’s just as weird as you are! You might think that you and your BFF do some pretty odd things together, but we bet they pale in comparison to some of the stories we have for you today. From smelling each other’s burps to communicating in meows, these best friends do some rather bizarre stuff! So, check out thirteen of the weirdest things BFFs do together!



Well, okay then.


It’s good to be supportive of your friends.


Maybe she can even guess what her friend’s been eating.


If you’re the same size, why not share and share alike!


At least your BFF can tell you if you have a BO problem.


The friends who pee together, stay together.


Future cat ladies of America.


How’s this for a conversation?


There’s nothing worse than getting things stuck in your braces.


Yeah… this is pretty weird!


Hopefully they don’t punch too hard!


Wow. That’s some dedicated friendship.


As long as they don’t bite anything off!

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