8 Of The Craziest Selfie Gadgets Ever


The selfie craze just doesn’t seem to be dying down with every cell phone user on earth seemingly addicted to taking their own photo. If you’re a selfie addict then this is the blog post for you. Check out 8 of the craziest selfie gadgets ever and enjoy!

The GripSnap is magnetic and will stick to any metal surface in order for you to take the selfie of your dreams! It even has a flexible tube so you can bend it into any position you like.

grip snap


         This SELFIE Mirror takes photos of you and posts them to Twitter. In this case SELFIE stands for “Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine.”

selfie mirror


  Everyone needs a Selfie Brush… don’t they?

selfie brush

Find it here.


The Belfie Stick takes photos of your behind, for some mad reason!

belfie stick


Even babies are going crazy for selfies nowadays! The Baby Selfie Android app flashes up cute animal pictures on your phone screen, plays a sound, the baby smiles and the photo is captured!

baby selfie app


For narcissists everywhere it is now possible to eat your own face. Well an image of it on toast.

selfie toaster


Would you wear this rather conspicuous Selfie Hat created for London Fashion Week?

selfie hat


This 3D printed mayonnaise selfie was created by Hellmann’s, the mayo company. Fancy your face on a burger? Well now that dream can become reality. Take a look at the video below for more info.

3d mayonnaise selfie


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