20 Gender Stereotype Products That Need to Stop Existing

With so many gender stereotype products on the market these days, it’s no wonder that the subject can cause such a stir among some people. It all started in our history when women and men had very different and specific roles. Because of this, there are issues that are worth debating about, while there are also issues that are pure nonsense. But, let’s not dwell on the negative side. Here are some photos of 20 gender stereotype products that need to stop existing.


Of course, ‘Men’ and ‘Shoes’ are the new gender labels.

Poop knows no gender. These gender stereotype products need to stop.

Another example of poor labeling. There’s only two human identities in this world: men and apricots.

Seriously?! Kids shouldn’t be having that kind of problem at a young age. Ban them!

Somebody please explain why women can’t handle a box of 100 tablets? Because we don’t get it!

Seems like girls and boys only get one choice in life. If this doesn’t show sexism, we don’t know what will!

Bronuts? Right, because regular donuts are just too feminine for their liking.

Can you believe that this “man sized bag” of chips could be held and handled by little woman hands!

Someone decided that this was the perfect representation of what a man wants for Christmas.

There must be something wrong with regular candles that men don’t like that they actually now have ManCandles.

Did you know that men and women have different teeth? So ridiculous!

You could only choose one…

Gender stereotype products such as this book thought that knitting would appear “too girly” if it wasn’t on a horse.

Hilarious sexist items that should probably be banned


Men have always needed to wipe away their man tears on very specific tissue brands.

Because even girls have favorite superheroes toys that they want to play with.

Loaves of bread which are unnecessarily labeled.

Pocky was made supposedly for everyone, but they realized that the men needed certain kinds of chocolate.

Didn’t know that dog bowls make you feel more like a man.

They didn’t want people to think that bath bombs are gender stereotype products for women only, so they made it look accessible even for men.


Looks like kid’s future are predetermined by these bibs.