Decorate Your House With Adorable Ghost Candles This Fall

Halloween decorations don’t always have to be creepy. Sometimes, they can be cute too. Just like these adorable ghost candles that is sure to light up your home with absolute cuteness. Ghosts are definitely not something we could include in the ‘cute’ category. If anything, these ghastly apparitions are downright spooky, as mostly depicted in folklore and movies. It goes without saying that no one want these restless spirits wandering around near them.

These cute ghost candles are probably the only ghosts you’ll want to stay in your house. Featuring a cartoonish ‘blanket’ ghost, these endearing home decors will brighten up any gloomy room, literally and figuratively. Made with all-natural, premium-quality soy wax and beeswax, these scented candles contains premium-grade fragrant oils for your aromatherapy needs.


Ghost Candles

ghost candles

These scented ghost candles are available in 16 different scents including citrus blend, French vanilla, fresh lavender, red rose, green apple, baby powder, coffee, and many more. You can also opt for the unscented version if you only want the candles for their light-up ability. They are also available in 12 different colors including a white-colored wax with gold flakes. You can get an assortment of scents and colors for more aromatherapy and decorative options.

ghost candles colored scented


cute halloween wax decor with matching bows


cute halloween decors soy beeswax


cute halloween candle with gold flakes

Each candle measures 2.5 inches tall (not including the wick) and 2 inches wide. The ghost candles come with cute bows tied at the wicks to make them look even cuter. Please note that the candle doesn’t include a holder or a plate. So, if you intend to lit it up, place it on a heat-resistant holder or plate. You can order now and get these cuties in time for Halloween. They also make an ideal gift for those who love all supernatural-themed items. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Such a cute and well-made candle! I know my BFF who I’m gifting it to is going to absolutely love it.”

scented ghost candles


cute halloween decors unscented soy wax


ghost candles soy beeswax

Source: Etsy