16 Useful Car Hacks You Should Know

Sometimes we take our cars for granted. Life is so busy that we barely have time to think about ways that could make things easier for ourselves. Just a little organization can make short (and long) journeys pass with ease.

Whether you need to fix a little dent, have problems backing into your garage or maybe you’re tired of your kids throwing their stuff everywhere, we have the solution for you. Which hack do you like most? Let us know in the comments below.


Handy car organizer.


If you have a little time on your hands, create a patterned organizer by covering a plain one with your favorite fabric.


The cereal box trash can.


Magna Doodle food tray. Fun and practical too!


This really works!


Cigarette lighter double USB. Very handy!


Fixing a mesh bungee to the interior roof gives extra storage space.


This dangling tennis ball helps you gage your car parking in the garage.


Fixing a swimming noodle to the garage wall ensures no more scuff marks on your car.



Take keys off the ring with staple removers. No more broken nails!


Take out small dents with a plunger. No more expensive repair bills!

Simple yet effective.

An empty gum container is great for storing loose change.

The dog hammock keeps your pooch in one place as you travel.

A shower caddy keeps the back seat of a car tidy.

Maintain your car the cheaper way!