13 People Who Failed So Hard They Almost Won

Everyone loves a good fail. It’s nothing personal against the people failing, but I suppose it just reminds us that we’re not the only people who do stupid things now and again, and we get to have a giggle. Luckily for us, the stupid things that we do aren’t usually caught on camera, as far as we know. However, for these 13 poor souls, their epic fails have been immortalized. Not to worry though, because these folks failed so hard that they might just have won. Not in any usual sense of the word, perhaps, but somewhere in their hearts, these guys know that they’ve won at failing.

This woman with extremely unfortunate tattoo placement on her wedding day.

This UPS delivery driver who’s a master of concealment.

This dude who has clearly forgotten how to umbrella.

This person who doesn’t know the difference between “photosynthesis” and “photogenic.”

This person who trusted the panorama function on their phone to capture an epic moment.

This man who has actually painted himself into a corner. On a roof, no less.

This poor girl and her mug problem.

Donald Trump logic.

This guy who needs to learn to take a hint.

The person who managed to do this.

And, the person who managed to do this. 

This person who shouldn’t be too optimistic about their day too soon.

The people who managed to get themselves involved in this series of breakdowns. We salute you.

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Committing mistakes is only natural because to err is human. But these embarrassing fails will absolutely haunt these unfortunate people forever. While it’s true that nobody is perfect, some people are just too dumb to make stupid mistakes. We all have our own embarrassing experiences to share but these people definitely take the cake. And this kind of humiliation will linger with them for a while. Unless they can get a neuralyzer from the MiB that can totally wipe out other’s memory of their shame. We have gathered this list of embarrassing fails that you may want to avoid committing.




This girl dyed her hair and wrapped it with a supermarket plastic bag. The logo on the bag sticks on her hair and this fail has us dying of laughter.

We’re having a hard time figuring out what this item is all about. The label doesn’t help either. If there’s anything, the words are more confusing than the item itself. But I’m having a hint on what it’s trying to say. The shortest way to connect your gadgets. Or am I wrong?

This guy has so much love for Brenda that he literally written her name all over his back. But what will happen if they broke up for some reason? How is he going to remove all those tattoos?

We can’t imagine the revolting look on whoever bit this deodorant stick.

If these two ladies only paid more attention in their Health Science class, they could’ve avoided this humiliation.

So which is it exactly? Is this for the arm or for the thigh? We’re completely torn between the text and the image.

When it’s too late to realize you’ve made one huge mistake. Regret always comes last.

Epic fails that will make you feel better about yourself


No calamity can stop this man from getting his favorite coffee. It didn’t matter if everyone’s eyes are on him.

We usually use our arms in weightlifting but this guy prefers to use his legs. Does he really have any idea how to use those things?

This is why it’s dangerous to assume that everyone is concerned about you.

Filters can cover up even the worst case of acne on the face. But it is already proven to work poorly on hickeys.

It’s good that a note clarifies something important or the recipient would’ve thought differently when he received this hideous thing.

It is indeed bothersome to have something giving you updates and counting your calories each time you eat.

Let me get this straight. Clearance sale is supposed to offer discounts on goods. I’m not good in Math but I think this discount is wrong.

Driving while texting can be fatally dangerous. Kissing while texting can be dangerous for your relationship.