15 Instances When People Found Things They Forgot They Even Lost

Losing things is human nature. Most of the time, when we look for something, we fail to realize that it’s just right there under our noses. Usually, when we are too forgetful, we leave things and never bother to looking for them…until we unexpectedly find it again after a few years or so. Here are 15 Instances When People Found Things They Forgot they Even Lost.

People have a way of just slipping-in stuff books and leave it there.

Like this guy, for instance. He left his ticket for a concert for 29 years!


Something is missing. Can’t seem to put my finger on it…

The 6th book is gone… oh, wait. There it is!


This is what happens when you drop your phone outside few days.

This guy left it on the driveway for a week and it got frozen. He then put it into a bag of rice overnight. Guess what? It worked! Well, most of it.

False lashes are forever!

Especially when you leave it in between the pages of a notebooks you carry around all the time.


The best place to hide things that would be hard for everyone to see.

A woman lost her earring and went looking for it for 2 months, until they found it stuck under this shoe.


What happens when you leave toys under the piano for many years?

It just stays there. I think somebody has some cleaning up to do.


Somebody must’ve missed their ring for a really long time.

A farm owner dropped her wedding ring while pulling-out weeds. 13 years later, managed to pull it out on their home-grown carrots.


Every car need keys to work.

For sure, someone took a very long time searching for their car keys!


Nature will eventually take things back the way they were.

This is what happens when you leave things with nature.


A fishing trip back to the past.

This fisherman accidentally dropped his wallet into the lake. After 20 years, he was able to get it back!


Getting back your lost things by surprised

She lost her book. Bought a used on online. Only to find out it’s her missing book.


Imagine how frustrating it was looking for these pair of glasses.

After 2 years, he was able to find his reading glasses under the car.


Remind me again… do skates grow on trees??

A man hanged his skates on a small tree and left it there for years. After al those years, it’s still there!


How would you like your glasses? Medium rare?

The cook lost it at work and found it a few days later. Can’t use it anymore, but at least the mystery’s solved!


Found whiskey that needs some lovin!

This luggage was left alone in a cabin for 6 years. At least some things get better with age!


This is what happens when you’re too busy with life.

You just leave things around, forget about them and then randomly find them back when you least expect it.