You Can Get A Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cold Brew On The Starbucks “Secret Menu”

Still got a Valentine’s Day hangover? Then order this romantic cold brew from the Starbucks secret menu! This delicious drink’s been making the rounds on social media lately, and finally learning what’s in it, we totally understand. This unofficial Valentine’s-inspired drink reportedly tastes like white chocolate-covered strawberry, and we need it like, five minutes ago.

There’s no denying that the secret menu drinks make our caffeine-driven lives exciting. It’s a welcome deviation from our to-go combinations. We’re specially psyched about the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cold Brew not only for its taste but it’s aesthetic value. It looks absolutely chic! The Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cold Brew’s gradient is just so pretty!


This unofficial Starbucks secret cold brew contains will make your taste buds swoon

Since this isn’t an official offer, you’ll need to be more mindful when trying to order this curious brew. First, you should probably ask for this unfamiliar concoction when it’s not rush hour when they’ve got about a hundred other drinks to worry about. To baristas, secret menu items are challenges. They won’t readily know your combination request. Which means that they’ll need a bit more time to create your magical cup.  Plus, they’ll definitely be just as excited as you when you ask for it nicely!

According to the online community, in order to get this Valentine’s Day-themed drink, you’ll have to order a venti cold brew with two pumps of raspberry syrup and two pumps of white mocha syrup. Then, have it topped off with strawberry puree cold foam. Lastly, you can request for your drink to be sprinkled with some chocolate curls, or a topping of your choice (you can opt for cookie crumbles or mocha drizzle too). The brand may not have announced a special Valentine’s Day drink this year, but this special secret menu discovery more than makes up for it!