Unexpectedly Creative Ways Homeless People Do to Get Your Attention

When we think about homeless people, the first thing that comes in our minds is usually food. The thing is, that’s what they’re thinking too…how can they buy their own food? They may have lost their houses and other things, but the things they haven’t loss are their intelligence and great sense of humor. Here are Unexpectedly Creative Ways Homeless People Do to Get Your Attention.


You have to come up of something that catches people’s attention at some point.

Who needs an expensive therapist? When you only need someone to listen to you for a reasonable price!

At least you have better taste and the best attitude.

You just know when you can trust someone…

I’d better give him my money if I were you.

A very important discovery is yet to be unfold with your support!

You create your own destiny, even if it’s just on the streets.

Something interesting to put in a resume.

At least you know where your money’s going.

It’s a challenge then.

Does anybody want to add a cop car in their car collection?

It’s your cardboard. Might as well demand something you like.

Anyone needs a date? He’s free any time.

I’m guessing they are no longer picky eaters.