Former Shipbuilder Uses His Skills To Create Stunning Wooden Bathtubs That Look Like Miniature Vessels

For other people, a bathtub is merely a bathroom fixture for holding water in which we may bathe. But for us, a bathtub is a piece of heaven where we can just soak and let our exhausted body sail on an endless horizon of utter tranquility. These wooden bathtubs would make sophisticated vessels that could transport us into the innermost depth of serenity as we refresh both our body and mind. Okay, enough with the elegiac words. But we can’t help but be dramatic as we look at these elegant bathroom fixtures.

These spectacular wooden bathtubs are created by craftsman Nathie Katzoff. As a former shipbuilder in Maine, he gained experience in building and restoring numerous historic wooden vessels. But his love for design and art wasn’t only limited to ships and boats. He began to extend his woodworking talent in building staircases as well. And in 2012, he put together a team of master builders and founded NK Woodworking & Design. The Seattle-based company rose to fame because of their one-of-a-kind staircases. And in 2014, the company was recognized as one of the best stair builders in North America.


Former shipbuilder creates luxurious wooden bathtubs

Although NK Woodworking & Design is mostly renowned for its stunning staircases, the company didn’t just stick to this structure. They also created luxury coffee tables and wooden bathtubs too. And in 2015, they started building a line of classy bathtubs that is as equally as stunning as their popular staircases.


Their line of exquisite wooden bathtubs includes three versions – the Lotus Bathtub, the Cube Bathtub, and the Round Bathtub. The Lotus version features an oval-shaped tub with a base that closely resemble a ship. As their names imply, the Cube version has straight edges resembling a cube and the Round version has a circular shape that resembles a large bowl.

Although these three versions differ in shapes, all are made from sustainable variety of domestic and exotic hardwood strips. Furthermore, all pieces are finished in the same way to provide a reliable barrier between the wood and the water. Hence, each piece works perfectly at extremely hot or cold water temperatures.







It goes without saying that these luxury wooden bathtubs also come with a hefty price. But considering the elegance it would add into your bathroom, it’s alright if you go on a splurge once in a while. Besides, every second spent in a relaxing soak is priceless.


NK Woodworking & Design Wooden Bathtubs





Source: NK Woodworking | Facebook