This Giant Oogie Boogie Inflatable Will Take Your Halloween Decorations To The Next Level

It’s the spooky season and we’re pretty sure you already have your Halloween decor all prepared. But if you haven’t got this Oogie Boogie inflatable just yet, there’s no way you’re winning the scare game. Home Depot, the same retailer that brought us the Inflatable Beetlejuice Sandworm and the 12-Foot Standing Skeleton, has another exciting spooky decoration to up your game this Halloween. Of course, these pieces are nothing short of amazing. But we can’t actually talk about Halloween without adding The Nightmare Before Christmas to the conversation, right?

Tim Burton’s classic animated film has always summed up our spooky and fun Halloween for  almost three decades now. All the lovable characters in the iconic Disney film are creepy in their own way. But it was Oogie Boogie who actually takes the cake when it comes to spookiness (sorry Pumpkin King!). So, let the villainous burlap sack petrify the entire neighborhood by putting this inflatable in your yard. Fortunately, this 10.5-foot inflatable isn’t full of icky bugs and spiders. But instead, it has an internal fan that fills the inside with air when plugged in.


Home Depot Is Selling A Gigantic Oogie Boogie Inflatable For Halloween

oogie boogie inflatable

This self-inflating decoration is also equipped with internal LED lights that make the figure glow bright green just like in the movie. The inflatable also holds his recognizable pair of dice in one hand, complete with his trickster face on. This enormous Halloween decoration can also be displayed indoors provided that you have high ceilings. But if you really want to impress and frighten your neighbors then placing it outside should do the trick. It comes with stakes and tethers to help you set it up securely on your lawn.

oogie boogie inflatable halloween decor

If you’re in need of more horror elements to scare everyone this Halloween, let this inflatable take care of business. Furthermore, this one doesn’t come with a snake tongue if that’s what you’re worried about. Get yours from Amazon.

nightmare before christmas outdoor decor

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