‘Winnie’ The Cocker Spaniel Looks Like A Real-Life Disney Character

We’re seeing a lot of ordinary people who closely resemble famous people. Surprisingly, there are even those people who look like cartoon characters. Now, get ready to be amazed even more as we introduce to you this cocker spaniel Winnie. One look at her and she’ll instantly remind you of a particular Disney character. Her mesmerizing hazel-colored eyes and long fluttering eyelashes would make you think that Lady from Disney movie Lady and the Tramp has come to life.

Dubbed as the ‘real-life Lady’, Winnie is currently winning the hearts of all dog lovers on social media. Over these past few weeks, photos of her have been constantly being shared on the internet. And this charming cocker spaniel from the UK really deserves all the love and attention she’s getting right now.


Winnie, the puppy that looks like ‘Lady’ from Disney’s 1955 animated feature film ‘Lady and the Tramp’



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In the 19th of October 2019, her owners Ellée and Tom created her own Instagram account winnie_thecocker. And that was even before Winnie was born. The first post was an ultrasound picture showing the unborn pup inside her mom’s womb. Her owners wanted to document Winnie’s adventures and share it to the world. The remarkable dog was born nine days after. A week after her birth, her first photo was posted on her Instagram page.








Since then, Ellée and Tom kept her followers updated with the latest photos of Winnie growing up. Amazingly, people can’t help but notice her striking features. And as she grows up, her likeness to the Disney character is becoming more and more prominent. There’s no doubt about it, she is like a spitting image of Lady from the Disney’s classic cartoon movie.






Just like the elegant canine character from the cartoon, Winnie also possesses that big charming eyes and that unreasonably long eyelashes. Of course, people are quick to point out the noticeable similarity. So, it’s no wonder that Winnie is gaining a massive following on Instagram and TikTok. As of this writing, winnie_thecocker already has almost 350,000 Instagram followers and over 180,000 TikTok followers.


















Winnie also has a younger brother named Presley that is also as charming as her. Just like her popular sis, Presley also has his own Instagram page with almost 40,000 followers. You can also follow these adorable puppies on Instagram to see more photos and get the latest updates about them.



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