The Awesome Jolly Rovers Trail Crew Ensure That Hikers Can Explore Nature Safely


Hiking is a wonderful experience for the body and the spirit. Just getting away from all the pressures of life and enjoying nature is a simple yet priceless pastime. Often though, trails and pathways become old and unsafe to walk and this is where the Jolly Rovers Trail Crew comes in. Based out of New York's Hudson Valley, the volunteer group repair paths and work tirelessly so people like you and I can enjoy the natural world which is on our doorstep. Take a look at some of their incredible work below.

Website: JollyRovers


Just look at how hazardous this path was before the Trail Crew worked their magic on it.


It is now perfectly safe for hikers to use.


Another before and after shot…


Look at the difference!



These guys do such important and physically challenging work, and all for free!


The awesome Jolly Rover Trail Crew having a much needed break.