Woman Mistakenly Ordered A Tiny Dog Bed And The Dog Pretends Everything Is Fine

A true companion will never hurt your feelings. And this dog proved to be the most compassionate companion by showing gratitude for his owner for giving him a present. When his owner accidentally purchased a tiny dog bed, the grateful dog pretended that he’s fine with it. Sitting on top of the teeny-weeny bed and using it as a pillow, you can see how he appreciated the gift from his owner.

This heartwarming story was shared by Twitter user @paetonmathes. Her mom ordered a dog bed for their furry pet Kenny which came too small for the big pooch. It was indeed a complete mismatch for Kenny. However, the loving dog ‘pretended’ that he’s okay with it, probably for the sake of not hurting her owner’s feelings. Did Kenny just pretend or did he genuinely think that the tiny dog bed perfectly suits him? Nevertheless, his appreciative gesture is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

dog bed tiny


dog bed small


small dog bed

There’s so many things to love about dogs. And we’ll go as far as to say that dogs are the most awesome pet of all. These canine companions will fill your life with love, loyalty and plenty to smile about. Moreover, dogs love their humans unconditionally that they are willing to adapt to human lifestyle just to live with them harmoniously. With cats, you’ll need to adjust to their behaviors and give in to their every whims just to win their affection. But with dogs, you won’t have to worry about anything because they’ll accept you for who you are. Whether you stink or you’re poor or unattractive, they will love you nonetheless. And yes, even if you suck at shopping and can’t even tell an XL from an XS, they will still adore you unconditionally.



The wholesome story on Twitter has been shared over 63k times and has gained over 145k likes. In fact, the post went viral that a particular pet bed manufacturer caught wind of it. And in order to reward the kind-hearted dog, they gave him a huge bed perfect for his size. Of course, Kenny loved the big bed. But he still keeps his tiny bed dog with him and won’t let anyone take it away from him.


Here’s what people have to say about Kenny and his tiny dog bed

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