50 Wholesome Stories That Will Increase Your Faith In Humanity

If you’re in need of some wholesome positive stories in these gloomy times then we’ve got some for you. Time and again, people have demonstrated that bad situations tend to bring out the worst in them. From grocery hoarding and civil disobedience to racism, the current pandemic crisis just confirms it all. But it is also dark times like these that brings out the best in some people.

Health care workers and those working on the front lines are undoubtedly the modern heroes who are trying their best to keep us safe. Apart from them, there are also compassionate people who are putting the welfare of others before themselves. You may want to check out our article about the unsung heroes of COVID-19 crisis to learn about their heroic deeds. These kindhearted people just show that there’s still some sparks of light amidst these very dark times. And we’ll do our part in keeping your faith in humanity alive by giving you positive stories to uplift your spirit.


Wholesome Positive Stories To Uplift Your Spirits

wholesome positive stories college graduate from refugee camp

Without further ado, here are some wholesome positive stories to help you get through a difficult day. Don’t let negativity drag your spirits down. Instead, look at the bright side and start spreading the positive vibes.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes

securty guard knits boots for premature babies


Ancestors’ Pride

medical school students slave quarters


“And As Of Now, She’s Raised Around $95mil After A Donation From Pepsi”

lady gaga fundraiser to support medical response


“Yeah! I Kept Them All”


“Never Give Up On Your Dreams”

wholesome positive stories down syndrome first job interview


“Little Girl Thought My Wife Was The Princess From Her Favorite Book”

wholesome positive stories wedding bride


Commuters Wiped Away Anti-Semitic Graffiti They Found On A Subway Train. Witnesses Say “Within About Two Minutes, All The Symbolism Was Gone”

commuters wipe away anti-semitic graffiti
Gregory Locke


“There was a blind Cubs fan trying to hail a cab for several minutes until the lady came up and asked him if he needed help hailing a cab. She stood there with him until one pulled up.”

wholesome positive stories girl hails a cab for blind man
Ryan Hamilton


This Groom Saved A Boy From Drowning During His Wedding Photoshoot

groom saves drowning boy during photoshoot
Hatt Photography


“This Man Is Recycling Old Picnic Coolers Into Shelters For Stray Cats For Winter. How Cool Is This?”

man recycles old coolers into cat shelters


62 Year Old Forest Ranger Makes A Final Visit to the Outdoors As Firefighters Roll Him Through The Woods One Last Time

firefighters roll former forest ranger through the woods
Evergreen Hospice Volunteers


“Her dad has always been the best.. tonight just confirmed it”

fiancee dad christmas gift


“Ever Since My Niece Saw Toy Story, She Shouts ‘I’m Leaving!’ And Then Peeks At Her Room Like This”

girl believes in toy story


This Guy Gave Out Hundreds Of ‘Free Dad Hugs’ At A Pride Parade To People Rejected By Their Parents”

free dad hugs pride parade
Howie Dittman


Wholesome Landlord

wholesome positive stories kindhearted landlord
Love What Matters


“Woman Holds And Comforts A Homeless Man Experiencing Medical And Emotional Distress On The Subway Platform Until EMS Arrives”

woman comforts homeless man in subway


“My Mum Passed Away And I Adopted Her Cat. Here She Is Sitting On Mum’s Ashes”

cat stays on previous owner ashes


“This Made Me Smile”

wholesome positive stories rescue abuse victims


“A Year Ago My Little Sister Left This World. This Weekend Her Heart Recipient Met My Mom And Shared Her Heart Beat”

wholesome positive stories heart recipientmet donor mom


“Every Valentine’s Day This Amazing Gentleman Brings All The Widows From The Nursing/Retirement Home And Treat Them To Lunch And Gifts And A Rose For Each”

gentleman treats widows valentines day


“Saw This Man Yesterday When I Was In Mecca. Letting A Cat Drink From His Palms When He Couldn’t Find A Cup”

man lets cat drink water from his palm


“Crying In An Uber”

wholesome positive stories uber driver daughter message


Another One Of The Wholesome Positive Stories Features A Fan In A Wheelchair Who Was Carried At A Rock Festival



“i think i learned more about love and life today than i have in the past 23 years”

old widower invitation


“Isn’t She The Princess From The Kingsman Movie?”

princess of sweden working in the front line


Aquatic Biologist Tim Wong Has Repopulated Pipevine Swallowtail Species. He Has Transformed His Yard Into A Habitat For Them.





“Always Believe In Yourself And Never Let Down”

pilot dream comes true


Best Friends

wholesome positive stories bestfriends reunited


“To The Person Who Noticed My Open Sunroof During A Thunderstorm: Thank You With All My Heart For Your Random Act Of Kindness”

random person covers open sunroof during thunderstorm


“My Son Has Parked His Bike By This Lamppost Just About Every Day For The Last Year. This Morning, This Sticker Had Appeared”

lamppost turns bike parking lot


This Bus Driver Holds A Nervous 4-Year-Old’s Hand On First Day Of School

wholesome positive stories bus driver comforts nervous boy
Augusta WI Police Department


“This Time 4 Years Ago I Was In The Er Losing My 6th Baby. I Refused To Give Up. This Is Me Meeting My Daughter, My Lucky Number 7, For The First Time”

wholesome positive stories seventh child


“My Husband’s 81-Year-Old Grandpa: ‘I Don’t Care For Cats.’ Also Him: ‘Well, I Got Them These Bowls… Do You Think This Shelter I Made Will Keep Them Warm?'”

grandpa does not care for cats


“My Mom Works For An Elementary School In A Poor Part Of Pennsylvania. Today Someone Anonymously Donated Hats, Gloves, And Shoes Or Boots For Every Single Student”

wholesome positive stories anonymous donor


“I Got Up This Morning To Get Ready For DC Pride Parade. My Grandma Walked Into My Room, Looked At My Bi Flag, And Said, ‘Oh, This Needs To Be Pressed Out'”

grandma irons bi flag


“I’ve Always Wondered Why CPR Isn’t A Core Class In High School. I Graduated 10 Years Ago And Have Used CPR Three Times Which Is Three Times More Than I Have Used Calculus”

wholesome positive stories saved by cpr


“The Planet Is Not An Ashtray”

wholesome positive stories planet not an ashtray


Schoolkids In Tennessee Held Toy Drive For Classmate Who Lost Everything In A House Fire

wholesome positive stories schoolkids toy drive


“My Grandpa, Everyone”

grandpa message to family stay home


“My 10-Year-Old Brother Called Me To Tell Me He Had A Girlfriend And Then Sent Me This”

girlfriend scrunchy on his wrist


Bon Jovi Has Opened 2 Restaurants Which Allow People In Need To Eat For Free.

jon bon jovi restaurants offer free meals


“My Little Sister Learned To Sew So She Could Make Face Masks After A Hospital Made A Post Asking For Them”

wholesome positive stories girl learns sewing to make face masks


“When My Best Friend Died From Leukemia In The 5th Grade, I Was Too Young To Do Anything To Help. Yesterday, I Donated Stem Cells To A Stranger Fighting The Same Disease”

wholesome positive stories donates stem cell

Which one of these wholesome positive stories was your favorite?